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We're proud to help businesses take advantage of lucrative tax credits. Here's what some of them had to say about us:

Case Study: Growth

Tobias Konitzer

PredictWise, CEO

Claiming the R&D credit seems like an overwhelming task. But if you work with Clarus R+D, they will patiently walk you through everything. And their dashboard makes things easy.

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Case Study: Growth

Angelo Calvello

Rosetta Analytics, Co-Founder

I chose Clarus R+D because a friend recommended them. Their high-touch, client service, and easy-to-use software made the process of claiming the R&D tax credit a snap.

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Case Study: Startup

Claire Coder

Aunt Flow, Founder

As the founder of a startup, the last thing I have time to do is find tax incentives. Clarus R+D was extremely helpful.

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Case Study: Growth

Chandan Srivastava

Genetesis, Co-Founder and CFO

We thought getting the R&D tax credit would be tedious but the Clarus team streamlined the process and made it quite user friendly.

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Case Study: Startup

Will Zell

Nikola Labs, Co-Founder and CEO

Take the time to sit down and talk with the Clarus R+D team. It's worth your time. Within 5 minutes you will say yes.

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Case Study: Startup

Michael Yoon

Thnks, CTO

The R&D tax credit is something all companies developing technology should look into. Clarus R+D provided excellent support throughout the process, making my job much easier.

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Case Study: Startup

Brendan Guerin

Prism Analytic Technologies, CEO and Co-founder

We have used our R&D credit to grow our team with a simple, easy-to-understand process through Clarus R+D.

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Our leadership

Our team specializes in helping you get the credit you deserve. We not only work together, we have fun together. We surround ourselves with people we respect and enjoy, because we believe our customers and partners get our best when our team is at their best.

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