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  • R&D Tax Credit Calculator
  • The Clarus R+D advantage

    We make getting your R&D tax credit quick and easy

    Our tax credit software streamlines R&D studies and maximizes ROI.
    Customers spend a short amount of their time while we take care of the rest.

    Our specialties

    Clarus R+D was founded to help spread the word about the R&D tax credit while providing a clear and efficient path to obtain the benefit.

    Streamlined R&D studies with real-time credit calculations along the way.

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    Meet the team

    With expert credentials, we specialize in R&D tax credits for growth businesses.

    Brent Johnson, CPA, MT

    Jeff Haskett

    Adam Winter, MBA, PMP

    Monika Diehl, CPA, MT

    Dan Clifford