Chandan Srivastava Co-Founder and CFO

Case Study: Growth

You deserve the best.

Tell us about your company and your role.

Genetesis is a medical technology company focused on using biomagnetic imaging to enable rapid, noninvasive, and accurate chest pain triage. CardioFlux, our flagship technology, represents a next-gen evolution of magnetocardiography (MCG); its use of optically pumped magnetometers (OPM) eliminates the need for liquid helium cooling, previously an obstacle to wide-scale commercial adoption of MCG. CardioFlux data is sent securely to the Faraday Analytical Cloud, from which physicians can assess the functional imaging data and hospitals can leverage an integrated billing service. I am co-founder and Chief Financial Officer of Genetesis.

What was your experience with the Clarus R+D team?

Working with Clarus R+D team was awesome. We thought getting the R&D tax credit would be tedious but the Clarus team streamlined the process and made it quite user-friendly. We simply filled out their web-based application and the rest was taken care of by their team. They were always available to guide and support when needed.

We thought getting the R&D tax credit would be tedious but clarus streamlined the process.


How do you plan to use the R&D tax credit?

We will put the R&D tax credit dollars into our CardioFlux FAC system, which was recently FDA cleared.

What tips would you give other entrepreneurs?

You do what you are good at and let others help you with what they are good at. Clarus R+D will make sure you maximize your tax credit.

Any advice for prospective Clarus R+D customers?

They are the best and you deserve the best.

Year Founded: 2013

Headquarters: Mason, Ohio

Focus: Biomagnetic imaging for chest pain triage


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