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  • R&D Tax Credit Calculator
  • Money for
    your company

    A tax credit for work you’ve already done

    Companies claim billions in R&D tax credits each year, but most still go to large corporations. Now startups and SMBs can take advantage of America’s biggest tax incentive.

    Companies have access to a new form of non-dilutive capital that never existed before

    The impact

    Fuel your growth by continuing to invest in technology-based innovation.


    New ways to monetize

    Claim against AMT or offset payroll taxes up to $250k per year


    Software clarification

    Simpler qualification for software projects


    Here to stay

    Permanently enacted into legislation with bi-partisan support

    A tax savings scenario

    A tech startup based in San Francisco raises $4M to develop smart dental technology & insurance products. In 2021, $1.16M of this capital is spent on qualified innovation activities as follows:

    Salary and Wage Expenses
    Often the largest component; (1) W-2, Box 1, for research, direct supervision, direct support; must be US based
    Third Party Expenses
    Performed by non-employees and contractors; 65% of contract research expenses may be eligible
    Non-depreciable, tangible personal property used in development activities, generally consumed or destroyed during process
    Total R&D Spend
    Credit Amount*
    *For most companies the credit is 10% of qualified research expenditures.

    Do you qualify?

    Are you creating or improving a product, process, formula, or software?

    Do you incur expenses for wages, contractors, or supplies related to this work?


    Computer science based product/service development

    Material Science

    Discovery and design of new materials, particularly solids


    Agriculture, food production, medicine

    Device Manufacturers

    Mobile, manufacturing, and medical


    Innovative or novel materials development

    AI/Machine Learning

    AI powered tech solutions