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Clarus helps entrepreneurs take advantage of the Research & Development Tax Credit — a source of millions of dollars in tax benefits each year.

New federal tax law allows startups to claim the lucrative Research & Development Tax Credit by offsetting their payroll tax. For the first time, early stage companies can take advantage of a major incentive that historically only benefited large corporations.

It is important to get this news to as many angels and entrepreneurs as possible … Cash is short for angel-backed companies, so finding  extra money – especially of this size – is really important.”

Forbes on Clarus R&D December 2016

How does it work?

Believe it or not, up to 10 percent of the money a company spends on technology and innovation can offset its payroll taxes up to $250,000 each year. In other words, if you invest $500,000 developing a new technology product or service, you would save $50,000 in taxes. Spend a million, and receive $100,000 in tax breaks.

The concept is simple, but IRS requirements, unfortunately, are not. That’s where we come in. Our team of tax experts has made the process painless and risk-free. We do the work, you get the benefit.

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