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R&D tax credits for innovators made easy

Tax savings for
work you've already done

Recent changes in legislation make the R&D tax credit accessible to more companies than ever before. Learn more about what changed and find out if you qualify.

Estimate your credit

We do the
work, you get
the credit

We designed our solution with your busy schedule in mind, providing a clear path to obtain the R&D tax credit. Our customers spend a short amount of their time while we take care of the rest.

The Clarus R+D difference

We’ve created a seamless and efficient way for innovative companies to get money back into their businesses to hire and grow.


Make it

We’ve streamlined the process with technology. You work at your own pace, with the help of a dedicated rep, to input your company's info and then we do the heavy lifting to ensure monetization.



We know the ins and outs of growing businesses. We are a team of CPAs, tech veterans, and entrepreneurs. We ask the right questions to uncover your biggest financial benefit.


Do it

We know the rules and believe in playing by them. We generate the proper documentation and partner with your tax preparer and payroll company to check all the boxes.