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  • The R&D tax credit your clients deserve

    Run your R&D tax practice

    Our world-class technology platform will help you manage your R&D studies with software, support, and practice management tools for your business.

    How we help

    We’re here with expert support and an unparalleled platform to help you make the most of the R&D tax credit for your clients.

    Software to:

    • Start and manage your R&D tax practice
    • Assure optimized R&D tax credit calculation
    • Deliver compliant and defensible R&D studies

    Onboarding and training to:

    • Identify eligible clients
    • Qualify activities and projects
    • Discuss best practices for pricing

    Ongoing support to:

    • Ensure success
    • Continue growth
    • Leverage R&D tax credit experts


    Case Study: Top 100 CPA Firm



    With an increasing number of qualified clients, a top 100 accounting firm wanted to grow their R&D practice with a centralized solution to generate value and ensure compliance.



    Using the Clarus R+D tax platform, the firm manages study workflow, optimizes credit calculations, creates client reports, maintains data integrity, and archives projects for future years.



    This Atlanta-based accounting firm now generates an average tax benefit of $130,000 for clients through their thriving tax incentive practice, powered by the Clarus R+D tax platform.


    The 2015 PATH Act leveled the playing field. The number of companies claiming the R&D tax credit is expected to quadruple by 2025. About half of these companies are startups and SMBs with an average credit of $40k. These are your clients and you need the right tool to serve them.

    CPA firms with an existing R&D tax practice often choose to partner with Clarus R+D for greater efficiency and revenue potential – and, most importantly, compliance.

    In a nutshell, technology. Our software simplifies the process and reduces fees.

    Referral partners do just that – refer clients directly to Clarus R+D, often in exchange for a revenue share.

    Outsource partners maintain the client relationship and use Clarus R+D for all the backend ‘heavy lifting.’

    Software partners use only our app to help drive efficiency, compliance, and profitability for their own R&D tax practice.

    Our five-phase methodology creates consistency and clarity for each partnership model.

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