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Need to know: R&D tax credit

What is the R&D tax credit worth?
For most companies, the credit is worth 7-10% of qualified research expenses. This is a dollar-for-dollar credit against taxes owed. Plus, it carries forward 20 years. For startups, applying the credit against payroll taxes is a valuable, non-dilutive funding opportunity.

What expenses qualify for the research and development tax credit?
R&D tax credits benefit companies in virtually every industry. Eligible expenses for the R&D tax credit include U.S.-based wages, contracting, and supplies. Wages are typically the largest qualified expense. All expenses must be associated with a qualified project.

What kinds of projects are qualified for the R&D tax credit?
The definition of a qualified project is quite broad. Many businesses perform activities that qualify for the R&D tax credit without realizing it. If you do anything technology-based, improve it, and sell it to customers, you probably qualify.

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