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  • R&D Tax Credit Calculator
  • R&D tax credit
    software backed
    by experts

    Easy to use. Streamlined data gathering.
    Smart credit calculation.

    Claiming the R&D tax credit can be complicated and tedious, but we make it easy. Our combination of software and experts ensures simplicity and compliance.

    Key features

    Clarus R+D has everything you and your accountant need to claim the R&D tax credit, without any stress.

    Simple and easy to use

    Self-guided to work at your own pace. Expert support is always available along the way.

    Smart credit calculation

    Driven by IRS audit guidelines, our software calculates your credit in real time. Plus, every study is reviewed by R&D tax credit experts.

    done right

    Automatically generate reports you need to substantiate and document your R&D tax credit.

    Federal tax credits

    Ensure IRS compliance with fully documented R&D studies

    State tax credits

    Expense categorization by state

    Data efficiency

    Streamlined data loading for qualified expenses

    Central document repository

    All sensitive uploads and reports in one secure place

    Dashboard view

    Dashboard view of all credit years with easy progress tracking

    Multi-project studies

    Claim the credit for one or more qualified projects

    Audit support

    We provide defense support in the unlikely event of an audit

    Secure and encrypted

    Our platform ensures data privacy and security

    Streamlined R&D studies with real-time credit calculations along the way. 

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