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  • R&D Tax Credit Calculator
  • We do the work,
    you get the credit

    a clear and efficient path to obtain your benefit

    Our tax credit software streamlines R&D studies and maximizes ROI. Customers spend a short amount of their time while we take care of the rest.

    What makes us different

    Our technology-driven solution simplifies the process, maximizes your benefit, and reduces overall cost.

    Streamlined R&D studies with real-time credit calculations along the way. 

    Preview the software

    With expert credentials, we specialize in R&D tax credits for growth businesses.

    Meet the team

    The process

    Call with our VP of operations to discuss your company’s R&D activities and ways to optimize your tax credit.

    Your info is gathered using Clarus R+D software and then reviewed by our team of tax experts. Qualification and calculation reports, plus all necessary tax forms, are generated and kept for your records.

    The Clarus R+D software leads you through your study with real-time credit calculations along the way. The calculation is based on wages, contracted work, and supplies used during R&D activities.

    Determine appropriate monetization strategy (offset payroll or income tax) with your Clarus R+D representative.

    Clarus R+D coordinates with your tax preparer and payroll provider to ensure you realize the benefit.