By: Monika Diehl, VP of Operations

Valuable State R&D Tax Credits

Clarus R+D | December 12, 2019 | 1 min read

Does your company operate in a state that could reward you for things you’re already doing? About forty states have their own R&D tax credit programs, with some even more valuable than the federal tax credit program. Since each state tax credit is different, it’s good to know whether your company can save through R&D.

Evidence shows state R&D tax credits have a significant effect on the rate of local entrepreneurship.

To promote growth and development, many states offer an R&D tax credit in addition to the federal tax credit. But unlike the federal program, some of the state tax credits are refundable, some are transferable, and still some are in states with attractive credit “buyback” opportunities. The definition of qualifying research activities may be similar, but the tax credit computation and other factors vary significantly from state to state.

The research and development tax credit is complex. From California to Pennsylvania to Georgia, we have expertise in many state level programs, as well as the federal R&D tax credit. To evaluate where you may be able to save on taxes and how you can use R&D incentives to boost your company’s bottom line, schedule a call with one of our tax experts. We’ll discuss R&D tax credit programs to help you determine eligibility.


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