By: Brent Johnson, Co-Founder & CEO

Clarus R+D Announces Partnership with Alice

Clarus R+D | January 31, 2020 | 1 min read
Clarus R+D Announces Partnership with Alice

Clarus R+D has partnered with Alice, a digital platform that makes smart, instant connections between business owners and the resources they need to accelerate sustainable growth and global impact. Alice works by matching companies with opportunities, locally and online, that will help them start and grow a business.

Clarus R+D is a technology-driven solution for claiming R&D tax credits, making it easy for innovative companies to get this money back into their businesses to hire and grow. By partnering with easily accessible online business advisors, Clarus is broadening the impact of America’s largest tax incentive.

Clarus R+D will be working with the Alice team to educate its community on the R&D tax credit, how to claim it, and ways to maximize its benefit. R&D tax credits are a remarkably effective way to access cash for small businesses. But the process can be intimidating. Clarus R+D removes all the barriers and helps innovators every step of the way.

Read Alice’s guide to claiming the R&D tax credit


ABOUT CLARUS R+DWith custom software backed by a team of tax experts, Clarus R+D specializes in tax credits for growth businesses. Our technology-driven solution simplifies the process, maximizes benefit, and ensures compliance. We partner with accounting firms, financial advisors, investors, payroll providers, and more.

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