Leveraging R&D Tax Credit Solutions for Your Business: Partner with TriNet Clarus R+D

Partners | June 14, 2024 | 2 min read

At TriNet Clarus R+D, our tax experts work with accountants, financial advisors, and other professionals to help clients claim the federal R&D tax credit. No matter your knowledge of this valuable tax incentive, we offer different partner options to support your customers’ R&D tax credit needs and are dedicated to creating thorough R&D studies to help substantiate your clients’ claims. Check out the features and benefits of our current partner options, as well as the exciting launch of our new Partner Portal.

Referral Partner

Our referral partner option is a great place to start for those who are just diving into the world of R&D tax credits. By referring your clients to TriNet Clarus R+D, your client can get access to an industry-leading software platform and a streamlined solution to claim the R&D tax credit. Our team of tax experts review R&D study to help ensure compliance, so you can feel more confident that your clients’ claims are supported in the event of an IRS audit.

There is no need for your business to have a dedicated R&D practice in-house. We help with the entire process from start to finish — all you need to do is simply refer your clients over to us. Our team will conduct an initial free consultation to confirm eligibility, and then upon signing up with TriNet Clarus R+D, your client will be able to log in to our software and get started. Once the R&D study is complete, TriNet Clarus R+D will provide the documentation to file with the client’s business tax return.

Alliance Partner

By becoming an alliance partner, you have access to a white-label R&D tax credit solution for your clients. You retain the ability to offer the R&D tax credit solution under your name as one of your service offerings, and TriNet Clarus R+D provides the technology and support on the back end. Through this option, you can power your own R&D practice while leveraging TriNet Clarus R+D’s innovative software platform and team of tax experts.

Expert Partner

Our expert partner option offers CPAs and tax preparers who are experienced in R&D tax credits to incorporate our robust, high-tech R&D tax credit software into their existing R&D practice. Our platform provides for high tech autonomy and helps you to ensure compliance, drive efficiency, and increase profitability.

New Partner Portal

In addition to a wide range of partner options, TriNet Clarus R+D is proud to announce the launch of our new Partner Portal. Built directly into our R&D tax credit platform, this home-grown solution allows for better integration for our partners of all levels. The portal’s intuitive design makes it easy to submit and monitor your leads effectively as they move throughout the process. In-house development allows us to consistently offer new features and customizations to help support our partners, including partner-branded marketing materials and detailed revenue-share tracking, where applicable.

Working with TriNet Clarus R+D means your business can get a leg up on the competition and more time to focus on expanding your bottom line. We provide you with the upsides of an experienced R&D tax credit solution with less of the hassles. Want to learn more? Schedule a demo and chat with our experts today.

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