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    The 7 Most Common Mistakes Small Business Owners Make

    You’re creative, self-sufficient, and driven. That’s why you became an entrepreneur — you knew exactly what you wanted and went out to build it. But here’s something you may not know: Startup companies often make very small mistakes that end up costing them big.

    While all businesses are different, most of the reasons that startups fail are exactly the same. From lack of planning to poorly managed finances, Acuity has gathered the top mistakes small business owners make so that you can avoid the stereotypical pitfalls.

    1. You’re setting unrealistic goals.
    2. You don’t have a marketing plan.
    3. You take too long to resolve problems.
    4. You’re careless with the budget.
    5. You forget to highlight your strengths.
    6. You got mixed up with the wrong investors.
    7. You’re not valuing customer feedback.

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