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File your R&D tax credit with confidence. With a customized mix of technology and support, we’ll walk with you every step of the way.

How we help

Our R&D tax credit platform helps you confidently manage your study
while ensuring compliance and saving you time.


Our platform is secure and reliable to defend your earned credits. Derived from IRS guidelines, our software facilitates the collection of all required R&D credit information.


Instead of data loosely shared by email, our platform ensures your information is secure all in one place.


Our platform simplifies your R&D study workflow by distributing tasks, sending notifications to SMEs, and monitoring study progress.


By teaching you how to streamline your R&D study using our platform, our goal is to save you money by relying less on outside services.

Case Study: Large auto glass repair company


The company struggled with centralized data collection to efficiently organize and complete a timely R&D study and ensure they remain compliant.


Using our compliant R&D tax platform, the tax director had transparency into their R&D study to distribute tasks, send notifications to SMEs, and monitor study workflow.


Out of $250M overall technology spend, $44M met the standard of qualified research expenses, providing the company with $4.8M in federal and state R&D tax credits.

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Based on our experience, the majority of companies that have claimed R&D tax credits are not taking advantage of them and are overpaying for services. With a customized mix of technology and support, our R&D tax platform helps companies develop identify, document, and calculate future credits more efficiently and effectively.

Choose what works best for your tax team. We can deliver your R&D study using our full-service solution. Or you can license our software to do it yourself.

Our R&D tax credit platform was built by tax experts from the Big 4 Accounting firms with over 30+ years of R&D experience. Along with our tech experts, our software is consistent and reliable, ensuring all IRS required documentation is easily generated right from the software.

The Clarus R+D tax credit platform incorporates processes and workflow to identify, document, and calculate credits efficiently while providing all required IRS and supporting documentation to confidently defend your earned credits.

Our software and support packages are based on a fixed price.