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    Firms across the country use our technology-driven solution to streamline R&D studies, ensure compliance, and create meaningful value for clients.

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    How to power your R&D tax practice with our technology-driven solution.


    The 2015 PATH Act leveled the playing field. The number of companies claiming the R&D tax credit is expected to quadruple by 2025. About half of these companies are startups and SMBs with an average credit of $40k. These are your clients and you need the right tool to serve them.

    CPA firms with an existing R&D tax practice often choose to partner with Clarus R+D for greater efficiency and revenue potential – and, most importantly, compliance.

    In a nutshell, technology. Our software simplifies the process and reduces fees. Here’s how.

    Yes! When it comes to partnering with us, you have options.

    Referral partners do just that – refer clients directly to Clarus R+D, often in exchange for a revenue share.

    Outsource partners maintain the client relationship and use Clarus R+D for all the backend ‘heavy lifting.’

    Software partners use only our app to help drive efficiency, compliance, and profitability for their own R&D tax practice.

    Our five-phase methodology creates consistency and clarity for each partnership model.

    The pricing process varies based on partner type.

    With referral partners, Clarus R+D charges the client directly. The partner receives regular updates on revenue sharing, if applicable.

    With outsource partners, Clarus R+D charges the partner a flat software fee plus a contingent fee per study. The partner determines end-pricing for the client.

    With software partners, Clarus R+D charges the partner for access to our platform based on volume of studies.