LookDeep Health

Mike O'Brien VP of Operations

Case Study: Startup

Seamless integration with Gusto.

Tell us about your company and your role.

My name is Mike O’Brien. I’m the VP of Operations. As a startup, I’m wearing lots of hats, including HR, IT, Accounting/Finance, and Legal. I also provide program management support for our customers.

LookDeep Health uses computer vision and artificial intelligence to provide continuous patient monitoring, communication, and situational awareness to hospitals, clinicians, and patient families.

The typical hospitalized patient receives only several minutes of physician monitoring daily and status checks every several hours. Patient deterioration often occurs in the absence of clinical monitoring. With limited staff capacity, hospitals deploy non-clinical labor (i.e. patient sitters) at an excessive cost to increase monitoring of some patients without gaining any additional clinical insight. Our computer vision and machine learning technology provides continuous monitoring and real-time status updates to healthcare providers. The opportunity to increase monitoring for patients outside of an ICU without additional labor is dually beneficial for patients by reducing negative outcomes, and to health care settings by decreasing their financial burden.

What was your experience with the Clarus R+D team?

Excellent every step of the way. JP went above and beyond in helping us figure out the proper accounting treatment of the actual credit now that it’s kicking in.

Clarus R+D was very helpful in navigating the details.


How have you used your R&D tax credit?

It has just kicked in this month as we only submitted our 2019 taxes in September. It will show up as an employer tax credit. This will help limit cash burn, which is huge as we are still pre-funding.

What advice would you give others looking to benefit from the R&D tax credit?

Don’t hesitate! It may seem overwhelming however if you assign initial input of the questions to appropriate team members, the details come together quickly. Clarus R+D was also very helpful in navigating the details.

Why did you choose Clarus R+D?

Seamless integration with Gusto.

Year Founded: 2019

Headquarters: Oakland, CA

Focus: Health Technology


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