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Reinvest in growth

Tell us about your firm and your role.

Furey is a tech-forward accounting agency. We power accounting operations for venture-backed startups by pairing expert support with innovative technologies. We work with startup founders and teams, from launch to exit, to design accounting solutions that grow with their business. At Furey, we believe in serving as an extension of our clients’ teams. One of the ways we live up to that promise is by partnering with leading providers, such as Clarus R+D, who share our passion for innovation and efficiency.

There are many services in the R&D claims space, but what sets Clarus R+D apart is their personalized approach. From day one, we worked with a team of experts, including a dedicated account manager, who made the process stress-free for us. The team was available to help every step of the way, whether that meant answering questions about specific IRS audit guidelines or making sure we got the maximum return.

Additionally, Clarus’s self-guided application was easy to complete, saving our team a lot of time throughout the process. We submitted information at our own pace and took pauses without losing our progress. Plus, questions were simple to answer, whether you’re a tax expert or a novice. The questionnaire included built-in tips and explanations for more complex topics.


We refer our clients to Clarus R+D with total confidence they can save them money without investing a lot of time and resources.


How has partnering with Clarus R+D impacted your company?

We recommend Clarus R+D to our startup clients, many of whom may not be aware of the R&D savings potential for their business. Clarus’ tech-forward approach ensures compliance while saving our clients time, which is especially valuable for busy startups. For Furey clients who work with Clarus, we offer extra help throughout the application process and even leverage Clarus software when needed. Our clients appreciate the added level of support, and our team values the opportunity to help our clients in new ways. In other words, partnering with Clarus allows Furey to deliver additional value to the startups that we work with.

As a Clarus R+D client, Furey has taken advantage of the R&D tax incentive to offset a portion of our research and development costs. This has translated into extra tax savings for our business, allowing us to reinvest in our growth and help more venture-backed startups achieve their goals.

What was your experience with the Clarus R+D team?

We work with innovative startups from many different industries and often refer them to Clarus R+D with total confidence that they can save their business money without investing a lot of their time and resources. Clarus makes the process simple for startup founders who may not be familiar with taxes or the R&D tax credit. With Clarus, you don’t need to be an expert to claim your R&D credits!

Our client, Hilma, a brand for science-backed natural supplements, worked with Clarus R+D to claim research and development tax credits owed to them as a result of clinical research. The Hilma team appreciated the speed and ease of the process from start to finish. In our conversation with Hilary Quartner, Hilma’s Co-Founder, she highlighted a few key Clarus features. For one, the platform made it easy to ask questions and get support quickly. Plus, Clarus software synced with their payroll provider to download data for qualifying salary and wage expenses. Being new to the R&D claims process, the Hilma team knew they were in good hands with Clarus R+D.

What tips do you have for business owners?

We recommend setting up a system early on to track qualifying R&D expenses. Come tax time, the information you need to file your R&D claim will be easy to access. For example, if your business is building new software, you will want to keep tabs on all related transactions, such as payroll, third-party expenses, and supplies.

At Furey, we help clients keep their books clean and organized throughout the year, making audits and filing taxes a breeze. We deliver detailed month-end close packages with the correct chart of accounts, making it possible for our clients to easily access key transactions relating to research and development costs.

Year Founded: 2017

Headquarters: New York, NY

Focus: Accounting


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