Chris & Jason

Case Study: Partner

Best decision.

Tell us about your firm and your role.

We’re Chris Chapman, Director of Tax, and Jason Tomkivits, Tax Manager. Acuity tax services include tax preparation, planning, and advisory services. We file on time and get you the deductions and credits you deserve. Our R&D tax credit practice is powered by the Clarus R+D solution.

How has partnering with Clarus R+D impacted your company?

The R&D tax credit has been a game-changer, for sure. It has probably been one of the best decisions to partner with Clarus R+D. We were looking to add as much value as we could for clients, including R&D tax credits. We interviewed specialists around the country and we found Clarus R+D to be the best suited for the job.

When you’re focused on the customer and what’s best for them like Clarus R+D does…that’s when really good things happen.


What have your clients said about Clarus R+D?

Clarus is very responsive. It has really made us look great because all of our clients have had very positive experiences. They’ve had nothing but great things to say. When you’re focused on the customer and what’s best for them, like Clarus does and like we do, that’s when really good things happen.

What tips do you have for other accounting professionals?

To be able to provide R&D tax credits through our partnership with Clarus R+D has been awesome. It has helped us from a business perspective. We are very happy with where we’ve been and where we’re heading.

Video interview of Chris and Jason during AcuityCon.

Year Founded: 2004

Headquarters: Atlanta, GA

Focus: Bookkeeping, tax, accounting, & CFO services


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