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  • R&D Tax Credit Calculator
  • Technology-driven specialty tax services

    Unlock the full value of tax incentives

    Founded by tax and technology experts, our cloud-based software helps companies of all sizes optimize government tax credits.

    Quickly screen and certify new hire candidates to reduce tax liability sooner.Streamline R&D tax credit studies while maximizing benefit and reducing cost.

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    Tremendous ROI.

    Clarus R+D gave us tremendous ROI. Easy software. Helpful people. Reasonable fees.

    Richard Cumberland

    Take the meeting.

    Take the meeting. It’s worth your time. Within 5 minutes you will say yes.

    Will Zell

    Make it simple.

    As the founder of a startup, the last thing I have time to do is find tax incentives. Clarus R+D made the entire process simple.

    Claire Coder

    Just say yes.

    We are getting a $200k gift just by saying yes with a little extra effort.

    April Seggebruch