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  • Complex tax credits simplified

    Newly expanded
    Employee Retention Tax Credit

    The ERTC has changed a lot since the CARES Act. Nearly every aspect of this fully refundable tax credit has been liberalized and extended through 2021.

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    Simplified R&D
    studies for you
    and your CPA

    Our tax credit software streamlines your R&D study and maximizes your benefit.

    The Clarus R+D difference

    With custom software backed by a team of tax experts, we specialize in R&D and employee retention credits.


    Make it

    Our software leads you through your calculation using a series of well-defined steps, with expert support along the way.



    We are a team of CPAs, tech veterans, and entrepreneurs. We ask the right questions to uncover your biggest financial benefit.


    Do it

    We know the rules and believe in playing by them. From IRS compliance to coordination with tax preparers and payroll companies.

    Partnering with Clarus R+D

    We partner with accounting firms, financial advisors, investors, payroll providers, and more.