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We do the work,
you get the credit

a clear and efficient path to obtain the benefit

We designed our platform with busy entrepreneurs in mind, and provide a clear path to obtain the R&D tax credit. On average, our customers spend 2-3 hours of their time and then we take care of the rest.

What makes us different

We work with you to maximize your R&D credit total and also provide documentation in-line with IRS regulations.

Our offer to you is simple: We don’t charge you unless you monetize the credits.

Meet the team

Our goal is to make these tax advantages as clear and simple to attain as possible.

See the process

The process

Call with Head of Operations to discuss your company’s R&D activities from the previous tax year. Cover questions to optimize your credit total.

Using Clarus R+D internet based technology. Once your info has been entered, it is sent for review to our team of tax experts. Receive a Qualification Report & Draft Calculation of your company’s credit.

Completed after the year-end financial close. Calculation based on Wages, Contracted Work, and Supplies used during R&D activities.

Determine appropriate monetization strategy with your Clarus R+D representative (payroll deduction or income tax credit).

Coordination with payroll provider to realize tax offset. Handled by Clarus R+D team.