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Money for
your company

A tax credit for work you’ve already done

Innovative companies across the US claim billions in R&D tax credits each year. Recent changes in legislation allow early-stage, and even pre-revenue, companies to take advantage of this significant financial incentive.

Startups, investors, and funders have access to a new form of non-dilutive capital that never existed before

The impact

Recent changes in legislation clarified the definition of qualified research, allowing tech-focused startups to take advantage of this federal incentive.


New way to monetize

Claim up to $250,000 in R&D tax credits against payroll taxes per year


R&D money for startups

Companies with little or no revenue can now monetize the credit if they are a “qualified small business”


Here to stay

Permanently enacted into legislation with bi-partisan support



Do you qualify?

Less than $5 million in gross revenue in the credit year.

No gross receipts for any year preceding the five-year period ending with the credit year.


Computer science based product/service development

Material Science

Discovery and design of new materials, particularly solids


Agriculture, food production, medicine

Device Manufacturers

Mobile, manufacturing, and medical


Innovative or novel materials development

AI/Machine Learning

AI powered tech solutions