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    ERTC Cash Advance

    To help our customers who were impacted by COVID-19, we now offer an ERTC cash advance for qualified companies to get access to much-needed capital. This new offering aligns with our mission at Clarus R+D: to get money back into the hands of hard-working businesses.

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    Like many businesses in the United States, the IRS has also been impacted by COVID-19, which has caused delays in their services. Given the backlog of various administrative services and an influx of customer support needs, the IRS is currently taking up to 9 months to process ERTC claims. To offset delayed refunds, Clarus R+D has partnered with a firm to offer cash advances on ERTC claims — often within 72 hours of completing our work.

    Do I qualify for a cash advance?

    If you claimed $100,000 or more in ERTC, you may be eligible for an ERTC cash advance.

    How does it work?

    1. Apply for the cash advance after we complete your ERTC analysis.
    2. We share your data with our funding partner. They review and finalize your application.
    3. You receive a 90% cash advance of your total ERTC (less fees) almost immediately.
    4. When the IRS refund check arrives, you pay back the cash advance.

    The ERTC cash advance gives you faster access to your credit and makes sure you are never out of pocket on fees.

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