How People Advisors Can Create Value with R&D Tax Credits

Educational Webinar
Cost: Free
Date: Tuesday, November 17, 2020
Time: 1 p.m. EST / 10 a.m. PST
Course Details

Join Clarus R+D and Gusto for a live webinar to learn how you – as a people advisor – can help clients claim their R&D tax credit. We will address common misconceptions about the credit and define how you can help small and midsize companies take advantage of this meaningful tax incentive. We will also identify how you can grow your firm’s revenue through the unique Clarus and Gusto integration.

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Learning Goals
  • Separate fact from myth about the R&D tax credit, especially as it relates to startups and small businesses.
  • Identify qualified versus non-qualified activities, including the expanded pool of qualifying software projects.
  • Review different calculation methods and explain how our software calculates the most advantageous method for the client.
  • Define important IRS documentation requirements.
  • Understand the options for monetizing R&D credits, including Gusto’s real-time processing when used against payroll tax.

Jaclyn Anku
Jaclyn leads Partner Education at Gusto and is a small business and accounting community enthusiast, dedicated to creating programs that educate, engage, and inspire. Prior to joining Gusto, she led the Xero’s Partner Program and also worked as a small business consultant at a nonprofit microlender.

Monika Diehl 
Monika serves as the VP of Operations for Clarus R+D. She is a CPA and holds a Master of Taxation from Capital University Law School. She is excited about helping businesses use their investment in innovation to reduce the amount of tax they pay. Monika has a BS in Accounting from The Ohio State University.

Jeff Haskett 
Jeff co-founded Clarus R+D and serves as its President. He has a passion for helping young companies and driving innovation and sees Clarus as the perfect opportunity to do both. Jeff has a deep background in management consulting, product development, strategy, and early-stage ventures. He has a BA in Economics and Accounting from The Ohio State University.